WYO Film Festival

Nestled at the foot of the beautiful Bighorn Mountains in Sheridan, Wyoming, the WYO Film Festival provides a fun loving and intimate atmosphere that sees filmmakers leaving with new connections, experiences and friends. Our sponsors provide events and mixers every night as we create an arena for filmmakers to screen their films in public and experience some incredible cinema from around the world. We also showcase immersive story forms of all genres involving VR and AR in our Virtual Reality Rodeo arcade throughout the festival weekend.

We look for films of all shapes and sizes that are innovative, inspirational and capture the independent spirit of the greatest storytellers. We’re looking for films with a powerful story and distinct voice. With a heavy focus on quality films and a friendly vibe, we’ll encourage filmmakers to partake in Q & As and mixers over the course of the weekend as we build relationships that last.

The WYO Film Festival is committed to the celebration of independent film in all its forms and bringing it to wider audiences.

For more information visit www.sheridanwyofilmfest.org


Oct 04 2019


Kinnison Hall

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