Nicole Foran Artist Talk & Exhibition Opening

Unlocked Doors and Other Souvenirs is a series created by combining art practices, such as traditional printmaking techniques, drawing, and painting on recycled surfaces. The compositions and arrangements are inspired by books, photographs, and films from a time when life seemed much simpler and we had not yet had to confront our human potential for destruction. In this series, I manipulate time periods and real-world locations, such as the Las Vegas strip in the future or small towns in the 1960s, to depict them in the aftermath of disaster. While denial and ignorance persist regarding issues such as religious freedom, gun violence, and the many repercussions of the industry on the environment, we live in an era where we are forced to confront terror regularly. The question of who is at fault for these increasingly frequent catastrophes continues to divide neighbors. We are seemingly unable to reconcile this conflict of  identity and information. Guilt and culpability, blame seeking and assigning, responsibility given and taken, action and inaction, are themes that have translated directly into my work.

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Jan 23 2020


4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Edward A. Whitney Gallery

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