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Morgan Price

April 1 - April 21

The Edward A. Whitney Gallery is open Monday-Friday 10a-7p and Sundays 12-4p. Free and open to the public.

Artist Statement

Integral to my creative activity is the interplay of tension and humor, for it is in moments of awkwardness and discomfort that I find the greatest edification. Frequently focusing on the human body, I dwell on the nasty little details that are inexorable parts of corporality. Despite the unsavory nature of these subjects a quality of tenderness and compassion pervades each image. My work reflects the anxieties and concerns that occupy my thoughts, personifying my fears and exaggerating my foibles. The mix of seemingly contradictory notions- tenderness and repulsion, humor and seriousness, refinement with sloppiness- reflects the emotional and intellectual ambivalence that inspire me as an artist and a person.

In my art I dwell upon the questions that trouble me, not in search of answers, but to better comprehend the nuanced layers of contemporary existence. There is something frightening in certainty- a black and white view of the world can lead to absolutist decisions and the suspension of empathy. The search for tidy answers tends to trim away the complicated messiness of human existence. In embracing the sordid I explore the relationship between the self and society, questioning the ideals and expectations that run counter to the realities of physical existence. Probing my personal discomforts, I seek ultimately to gain a better understanding of myself and the world.


April 1
April 21