Blind Tiger Society, a San Francisco-based modern dance ensemble known for its emotive, contemporary performances, will be on the Kinnison Hall Stage stage at Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College Thursday and Friday, October 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. This professional modern dance ensemble will be in residence at Sheridan College for two weeks, providing daily workshops to Sheridan College students.  Sheridan College dance instructor, will be a featured soloist in the public performances.  The performances will also feature two Sheridan College students.

Blind Tiger’s artistic director, Bianca Cabrera, choreographs visceral, wild yet relatable performances. Physical and unpredictable, Blind Tiger Society has a rebellious vibe that excites audiences who embrace raw-yet-refined, thoughtful artistic expression.

“Blind Tiger Society features stunning new choreography that highlights each dancer’s strength and grace. Blind Tiger is both exciting and original,” said Erin Hanke, Whitney Center Director. “Their multi-week residency at Sheridan College allows our dance students to immerse themselves in Cabrera’s coveted studio workshops at the WYO Theater Arts & Education Center, while offering patrons a chance to experience the best in contemporary dance today.”

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