SHERIDAN, WY (June 15, 2018) Carsten Meier is known for his art work in the natural world. He also teaches at Utah State University and is an artist in residence at Jentel this summer. Today, he is installing a circular willow exhibit across the street from Sheridan College on the City of Sheridan Pathway, just past the first wooden bridge. The installation, called Zirkel, is the only one in Wyoming, and just one of two in the county. Over the next several years, Meier will be building one in all 50 states.

Zirkel is 46 feet in diameter, made of cut, crossed willow branches that will eventually fuse and create a solid, circular sanctuary for animals. The willows are built in a cross-hatch pattern and will take root this summer, beginning their journey to becoming one willow trunk. Meier estimates this growth process will take five years. Meier will return annually to prune the willows and record its growth and impact on the area.

“This natural sculpture is beautiful, but also  symbolic of how we think about and treat land,” said Meier. “If left untouched, the willows will fuse into a circular sanctuary within a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife along the pathway.” 

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